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EMS Education at Denver Health

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care now at Denver Health EMS Education-  the only standard of care endorsed by both the American College of Surgeons and the National Association of EMT's for Casualty Management in Tactical Environments. Click here for more information.

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The Denver Health EMS Education Dept., a branch of the Denver Health Paramedic Division, is a State of Colorado EMS Division approved initial training center and CE training group.

Available programs include:

  • EMT initial, refresher, IV and Basic EKG courses, taught in conjunction with Community College of Denver
  • Paramedic school - 6 and 12 month class options
  • I 99 to Paramedic Bridge class
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Tactical Casualty Care for Law Enforcement and First Responders (LEFR-TCC)
  • Continuing education courses such as ACLS, PALS, PEPP, AMLS, PHTLS
  • Haz-Mat Awareness, Haz-Mat Operations and Advanced Haz-Mat Life Support
  • Basic and Advanced Disaster Life Support
  • Health care provider safety training through the DT4EMS®  program
  • National Registry practical examinations for EMT and Paramedic
  • Incident Command System (ICS) training
  • Health care provider Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training
  • In hospital and pre-hospital decontamination
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC) training
  • EMT initial training and continuing education for the Denver Fire Department

We are proud to be associated with the following institutions:

metro state college of Denver   community college of Denver   caahep